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2024 Allegheny 100 Gear List

This is the gear that I will be using for the 2024 Allegheny 100. My baseweight is right around 5.5 lbs. This is a slight increase in weight from what I had in my gear list for last year, but will also help increase my efficiency out on the trail. By keeping things simple and efficient, I can hike faster, longer and more comfortably without sacrificing safety. The Allegheny 100 is an unsupported 100 mile backpacking challenge that has to be completed in 50 hours or less. It takes place the second weekend in June within Allegheny National Forest in Pennsylvania along the North Country Trail. Temps are generally in the mid 70s to low 80s during the day and the mid to low 50s at night. I've participated in the A100 in the past and a completion of it has eluded me due to injury and food poisoning. I'm really excited to get back out there this year and complete the 100 mile challenge within the timeframe that is given. My conditioning has been well underway, but I've been ramping it up with some solo shakedown trips when not guiding or working with clients. The varying conditions have been helping me get dialed in with some new gear and old favorites. Here's a look at what I will be using.

v See my A-100 gear list in the video below v


  • Pa'lante Joey Ultra 200 - 13 oz

  • Nylofume Pack Liner - 0.9 oz

  • LiteAF DCF Ditty Bag - 0.6 oz



  • Enlightened Equipment Enigma 30*F Quilt - 17 oz

  • Gossamer Gear 1/8" Thinlight Pad - 2 oz

  • Big Agnes Rapide SL Pillow - 1.4 oz (updated since video was posted)

Clothing (Carried)


  • Platypus 1L Soft Water Bottles - 1.2 oz

  • Sawyer Soft Pouch (Trimmed Down) - 0.2 oz

  • Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter - 3 oz

  • Ursack Major XL 7.5 oz

  • Plymor Food Bag Liner - 1 oz


  • Suunto Clipper Compass - 0.2 oz

  • NCT Paper Map - 0.2 oz

  • Swiss Army Classic SD - 0.7 oz

  • Rawlogy/RYS Cork Massage Ball 0.6 oz

  • DIY FAK - 0.7 oz

  • DIY Footcare Kit - 0.5 oz

  • DIY Gear Repair Kit - 0.8 oz

  • Mini Bic Lighter - 0.4 oz

  • Natural Bug Lotion - 0.3 oz

  • Lip Balm - 0.1 oz

  • Sunblock - 0.4 oz

  • Hygiene Kit - 1 oz

  • Bidet - 0.2 oz

  • Deuce of Spades Trowel - 0.6 oz

  • Sanitizer - 0.5 oz

  • Zpacks Carbon Fiber Pole (Modified) - 4.5 oz


Total baseweight of my pack (without food and water): 5.5 lbs

Clothing (Worn)

  • Target Button Up Shirt - 5.5 oz

  • Pa'lante 6" Shorts - 6 oz

  • Ciele GoCap - 1.4 oz

  • Injinji Run Toe Socks - 1 oz

  • Altra Lone Peak 8 - 22.4 oz

  • Apple Watch Ultra

So that is what I'll be using for the 2024 Allegheny 100. I hope this helps anyone interested in what someone might carry for this type of adventure or anyone that is attempting the A100. If you're planning participate in this year's event and have any questions about it, feel free to comment below or contact me. I'm happy to help. Thanks for following along!

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