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Time Outside Can Be Good For Your Health

Countless studies have been made and the results are always positive. Spending time outdoors, such as hiking, is good for our health and well being. Do you know just how good it is for you? Check out some the many benefits below.

Benefits of Hiking For Adults

- Improved Cardio Fitness

- Improved Muscular Fitness

- Reduced Depression

- Weight Control (Hiking Burns Up To 422 lbs An Hour For An Individual Weighing 155 lbs. Up To 493 lbs Hiking With A Pack)

- Better Quality Sleep

- Increased Bone Density

- Lower Risks Of Stroke, High Cholesterol And Various Forms Of Cancer

Benefits of Hiking For Children

- Improved Cardio Fitness

- Improved Muscular Fitness

- Reduced Risk Of Depression & Stress

- Better Quality Sleep

- Better Bone Health

- Lower Risks Of High Blood Pressure & Heart Disease

- Weight Control

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